The 4 Times Table Hides A Symbolic Pattern, Reveals A Child Genius

A child genius discovered a secret geometric pattern in the 4 times table. It has a symbolic reference.

A 7-year-old boy discovered that applying sutra digit sums, vedic mathematical principle, to the 4 times table reveals a nine pointed star, an Enneagram. The 7-year-old boy is a mathematical genius. He showed that he can sum up all the 4-times-table digits and reduce them into a one digit from 1-9.

The boy linked the numbers together in a circle. In the process he got an amazing geometric pattern, which is in fact very important for many different people and beliefs around the world. For instance, in 12 times 4 equals 48, you add the 4 and the 8 and you get a 12. Then, you add the 1 and the 2 and you get a 3. When this formula is applied to the four times table, you will get the incredible geometric pattern, which has a symbolic meaning in many cultures and nations around the world.

This symbol is the Ennegram, a nine pointed star.bIn fact, the enneagram is a star with nine points and it consists of 3 triangles that overlap. Every nine-pointed polygon is called a nonagram. According to esoteric kabbalistic teaching, it represents illusions, the Yesod sphere, dreams and the moon. In the Baha’i faith, the nine-pointed star or enneagram is an emblem that stands for the value of the world glory or baha.

Gurdjieff, one esoteric philosopher, created a different enneagram called the nine-pointed glyph. This emblem has a very unusual shape. It is created with mapping of the sequence of the musical octaves. This nine-pointed glyph represents the Fourth Way Society of Gurdjieff and all of the followers and philosophers. This enneagram represents the universe’s geometry and is probably based on the kabbalistic tree of life.

You should discover the secret meaning of these stars by yourself and we can say that it is evident that there are secret symbols hidden in geometry and numerology that link the people, secret societies and religions around the world.

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