15 Things Only a Shy Girl Will Do If She Likes You

6. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

If she is mirroring your body language, chances are she likes you more than a friend. Her body language is betraying her, but don’t tell her right away that you know. Wait for some more other signs to confirm it.

5. Online.

She will talk a lot online, but will not do so when you meet her in person. Be patient though. Once she feels comfortable with you and she can trust you, she will start opening up.


4. Overanalyzing.

She will overthink your texts, and especially your emails. It might take her hours to reply, only because she is analyzing every single word that you said.

3. Girl’s best friend.

Shy girls have a very select group of friends. She also counts her pet as one of her friends, and if she likes you she will introduce you to it. But, if your pet doesn’t like you, then chances that you and her move another step further with the relationship are really low.

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