15 Things Only a Shy Girl Will Do If She Likes You

It is very hard for shy and introvert girls to start a conversation, let alone make the first move with a guy. They are torn between wanting to talk to the guy so bad, and wanting to hide every time he is close. Anyways, shy girls are considered to be rare gems. They are good listeners, good observers, and are also good at keeping conversations. There are 15 signs that are going to help you understand that in fact you are dealing with one of these girls.

15. Mr. Invisible.

She will admire you from afar, but never take the courage to come and talk to you. The best you can do is go up to her and make the first move because apparently she will not.

14. Awkward.

Shy girls can be awkward, especially with other people around. She will be more concerned controlling her nerves around other people, rather than listening to you and being focused on what you are saying.

13. Physical contact.

If you accidentally touch her, she will probably faint. And this moment will stay with her forever.

12. Social media.

A shy girl will always look you up in social media. She will throw a like now and then, but never too much. She doesn’t want to send you the wrong message that she is paying a lot of attention to you. God forbid!


11. LOL!

A shy girl will laugh uncontrollably. She’ll do that whether because she is too nervous, or she is trying too hard for you to like her. She knows this is awkward, but she cannot help it. Try to be nice and laugh with her.

10. Denial.

It is very hard for a shy girl to express her feelings. She is going to need a lot of time before she does that, and she has to be somehow sure that you are not going to publically embarrass her.

9. Stuck on you.

Shy girls are good listeners and great observers. She will remember every detail about your life, even the ones you do not remember yourself.

8. Cat’s got her tongue.

If you ever happen to be around a group of people and she is the only one who’s not talking to you, chances are she likes you. All she is trying to do is keep her secret and not let you know that she is into you.

7. The boyfriend.

This is the worst scenario, but things like this happen in life. It might occur that one of you (or both) are taken. Well, people fall in love in mysterious ways sometimes, so the best thing to do is come clean to your significant other, give them a chance to find their own real soulmate, and move on with your life.

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