People With Anxiety Disorders Are Hiding These 4 Superpowers (Backed by Science)

Anxiety is a disorder considered as an extremely negative condition that can cause destruction of normal everyday life and pleasure. It may leave people unable to face new challenges that life brings. In other words, anxiety is a condition that can never bring something positive.

However, this negative condition may be hiding some incredible gifts that no one else has.

Experts have been researching the effects of anxiety for many years. Now, they have discovered that anxiety offers something more than the commonly known negative effects. This disorder gives certain powers.

People with anxiety, besides the common everyday problems, possess a heightened perception. This kind of heightened perception is what makes this disorder what it is. However, this kind of perception gives some powers that are not possessed by people who don’t have this condition.

• Instinct that is life-saving


Anxiety is not something that has appeared in recent years of modern life. It has been present in a much older period of human evolution than we think. This disorder has its evolutionary roots in the times of our ancestors. Then, it served the people as a protection of dangers that can cause premature death. In this way, it functioned in the same manner as fear does nowadays.

When anxiety was a kind of survival mechanism, it served people as a way to be alerts and predict possible dangers even before they happened. On the side, nowadays anxiety is seen as a response to dangers that do not exist. The question is whether this response can be vital in some cases?

According to scientists in France, anxiety gives people who suffer from it a kind of sixth sense that can be life-saving. In the research, it was discovered that some regions of the brains of these people have the ability to detect dangers in 200 milliseconds. 

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