17 Home Cleaning Hacks You Have to Try

Keeping our house spotless clean and clutter-free is a never-ending task, especially if you have kids and pets around. Tricky cleanups can take hours, especially in hard-to-clean areas with stubborn stains and dirt that don’t go away easily. However, it’s a task we need to do to keep us and our family safe. In this [...]

18 Home Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time

Keeping our homes clean and spot-less is a never-ending tasks. This is what makes it difficult for homeowners, especially for people with kids and pets running around the house. If you’re one of the billions of people out there who are struggling to keep their home clean, then you have come to the right place, [...]

17 Easy and Brilliant IKEA Kura Bed Hacks for Your Kids

IKEA provided us with some of the most beautiful and practical options for our homes, making them a haven for life hackers. Their Kura bed collection for example, is a great alternative for parents looking to spruce up their children’s room without having to spend thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to use IKEA products [...]

17 Home Hacks to Make Your House Look Cool!

When it comes to interior design, there are so many ways you can decorate your home. Lifebuzz’s have put together a list of 23  ideas that anyone can use to improve their living arrangement. here is part I: deriba.co.uk #1. Install drawers under the stairwell sweetsanitydesigns.com sweetsanitydesigns.com sweetsanitydesigns.com sweetsanitydesigns.com #2. Hide your ugly router in a nice [...]

15 Genius Ikea Hacks You Can Easily Do Yourself

IKEA has been a haven for life hackers. Thanks to their affordable, practical and well-designed ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories. They make versatile products that you can re-design and re-touch with your own style and fit it to your own décor. In this entry, we will feature some of their beautiful furniture collections and show [...]

18 Smart Organizing Hacks for Your Kitchen

Redecorating and organizing your kitchen can be tedious and expensive. However, you should know that there are ways that you can do this without having to spend so much and at the same time you can have fun doing it. We will give you tips and tricks on the simple DIY ideas on how to [...]

17 Genius Home Cleaning Hacks Using Natural Materials

We may have posted a couple or more home cleaning hacks in the past, but with all the stuffs that need to be cleaned inside our house, it’s hard to say that we have covered everything. Also, there may be tons of cleaning agents and supplies available in home cleaning aisles of grocery stores, but [...]

18 Practical Home Hacks and Tricks

The solutions to arranging your home is not so complicated. Fortunately, we have compiled ideas for you to look at. These will not even take an hour for you to complete. Here are some ideas you can browse on. pinterest.com This is a great idea in cleaning things on top of your counters. All you [...]

17 Smart Gardening Hacks and Tips

Gardening as they say is a relaxing and refreshing past time. If your hobby is planting and collecting plants, then this entry might come very handy for you. You will not even need to cash out much. These are practical ways and tricks to beautify your garden. goez1.com Do you have plenty of paper tissue [...]

18 Excellent IKEA Desk Hacks You Should Try

Ikea furniture are known for the modern designs. The great thing about their design is that it allows you to experiment and recreate pieces together without having to spend so much. Ikea hacks are modifications to their usual Ikea pieces. Here are some ideas we would like to share. chic.se Gold is likely associated with [...]