7 Things Only Healthy Couples Can Understand

Be each others’ biggest support. I’ve written a lot about how healthy couples manage to stay healthy even after months and years of being together, it’s not easy and it takes a lot of effort from both sides. Healthy and happy couples also have their downs and their problems, but they still manage to come [...]

10 Things Men Like In Women More Than Good Looks

This one is for the gentlemen, guys who truly care for the women they’re with and their looks don’t really mean much to them. It’s a common misconception about men that they care more about the looks, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t care about the looks at first? We all do. But what matters [...]

6 Bonding Experiences That Make Relationships Stronger Than Ever

Some things go a long way and have more impact than you can ever imagine. Every strong relationship takes a lot of time, effort, and strength to work out for the long run, they also require a couple of special experiences, those special moments only the two of you share and always think of when [...]

7 Relationship Tips You Need To Ignore

Being someone who’s always providing tips to make relationships better, it frazzles me whenever I come across something people firmly believe in and sounds really stupid to hear because it’s archaic. It’s 2015, people need to stop believing everything they hear, especially when it comes from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. [...]

10 Ways To Repair Your Relationship After Cheating

It’s time to undo the damage and try salvaging anything you can. No matter how short lived it was, being unfaithful has a devastating impact on even the strongest of  relationships. The feelings of guilt, remorse, self hate are too strong to even think of continuing the relationship but instead of ending the relationship in [...]

6 Ways To Get Your Relationship Out Of A Rough Patch

It doesn’t have to end this way… Nothing good in life comes easy, you have to fight for what you love – always. If it’s too easy, it’s not going to last for long because the world isn’t that easy, challenges and obstacles are something everyone has to face at some point in life, even [...]

Top 6 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Happiness- one common goal. We are all seeking happiness;В  happiness within ourselves, our families, our jobs and most importantly, our romantic relationshipsВ  ESPECIALLY our romantic relationships. The satisfaction that comes from a loving, committed relationshipВ can make all the other problems of our life look insignificant.В  So the question is if we all desire the same [...]

How To Cope With Being Cheated On

Cheating is one of the cruel truths of life, it has happened with all of us at some point in time and it is very necessary in order to grow and learn how to deal with people and to know who to trust. When we first fall in love, we are very vulnerable, when we [...]

This Is The Number One Modern-Day Killer Of Relationships

Gone are the days when the world was a much simpler place. These days, everything is far more complex and difficult to deal with. And that’s all a part of the human civilization’s growth and evolution throughout the decades. The more equipped we are to take on difficult tasks, the more complicated we make the [...]