Girlfriends Ranked Worst to Best According to Zodiac Signs; We Sincerely Apologize No. 12!


The Virgo sign of the bold lion says it all when it comes to the Leo girlfriend. She is courageous and ambitious. You will get to taste this side of her when it comes to your sex life. An adventurer pure and true, she will explore and expand the fringes of pleasure your body can handle. Now, don’t get to carried away by all that good stuff as she will expect same from you. You have to be up to the task.

And that my friend, is not always an easy one to accomplish – at least not all the time. So it won’t be uncommon to find your perpetually chasing an image of what she wants you to be. Trying to filling the desire to have her Prince Charming’s without chink. However, you will have to realize that with her being a strong personality, she’s drawn to her likes. So she wants you to reflect all the qualities and values she respects.


And when she does love and respect you, then you can sleep soundly knowing that you have got a gem for keeps. She is one of the most loyal of the zodiac signs. She will stand by you to the very end. When shes assured of her love for you, then she will give you her all. But before you get there it is never going to be an easy journey. If you don’t meet up to her standards, then you better be ready for frequent fights. She won’t put up with sluggishness and unambitious men. So if this sounds like you, then you may want to pitch tent elsewhere. 

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