Which Egg Do You Think Came From A Healthy Chicken?

I was once on vacation in farm country, and went out to eat breakfast.  I ordered eggs sunny side up, and when it was served I was startled to see yolks that were orange, rather than yellow, in color.  I was actually hesitant to eat the eggs as they looked so different than what I was used to.


Many people do not know the difference between a healthy, all-natural egg and an unhealthy one. They also do not know how important it is to eat healthy eggs that come from a farm chicken and eggs that come from factory chickens. In the picture above, there 3 types of egg yolks displayed. Number 1 is a very dark orange yolk, number 2 is a yellow yolk, and number 3 is a light orange yolk. Which one do you think comes from a healthy chicken?

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