Depression Is Actually a Physical Illness Caused by Inflammation, According To Scientist

Scientists clung to the idea of a blood-brain barrier — a distinct separation in function between the brain and immune system — but have been forced to relegate that to the dust bin as evidence mounts of their inextricable connection.

“All psychiatric and neurological disorders are based in brain and brain is not static but structurally and functionally responsive to a range of biological, psychological and social issues,” explained Dr. Alan Carson, Reader in Neuropsychiatry at the University of Edinburgh. “Yet institutionally we use an outmoded code which separates brain disorders into psychiatric ‘f’ codes and neurological ‘g’ codes which holds back both scientific and clinical progress.”


Revealing evidence inflammation can drive depression was the first step; now, scientists hope for more meticulous research to use that information for treating the ailment efficaciously.

It should be noted the connection now prominently featured in a growing body of research does not preclude or supplant additional causes of depression, nor current treatment models.

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