8 Obvious Signs You’re in Love with a Giant A**Hole

It is said that if you want to ascertain the personal traits of an individual you need only spend some time travelling with them. That way they will reveal their personality in the most discernible way.

 We are not recommending taking your romantic partner on long trips just to see if they are truly what meet the eye. We are merely suggesting a strong possibility that you cannot assess someone solely on their behavior on the first few dates since they will be at their best. It is not just their personality that may irk you once you learn about them but more importantly how they make you feel.

Sometimes the behavior is very subtle to realize it early on so avoid investing in such a relationship. If your partner is exhibiting the following signs it is obvious they are a jerk.

8. They will say one thing but do completely opposite

One of the major signs you are dating a jerk is a guy who does not follow up on their promises and usually leave you to deal with it on your own. A responsible guy will let you know beforehand if they will not be able to make it to the date and not just leave you hanging.


This is the least they can do but if they don’t feel the need to even explain their irresponsible actions and act as though waiting you up was not something which demands any justification on their part they are not worth your time.

7. Relationship with them seems volatile

One minute you might be enjoying their company sharing laughter and the next moment they will be wandering in their thoughts. You will feel as though there is a switch which is flipped on and off the way they conduct themselves with you. It is anything but a stable relationship.

This may be explained by the fact that maybe they are looking for someone else for a relationship and only spending time with you for the time being. It never feels you are both close to each other since they being a jerk are only with you until they find someone to substitute you.

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