11 Stages Of Awakening Each Person Has To Go Through Before Achieving Enlightenment

 If You’re On Your Journey of Awakening, You Have to Go Through These 11 Stages:

Stage 1: Confusion

At the start you will feel a bit lost, like a ship without a compass. Things seem monotonous, dull and lifeless, it it confuses you. You will be at a loss for words and afraid of moving forward in life.

Stage 2: Restlessness

You are not happy with where your life is going. It makes you feel restless and frustrated. All of the sudden the burning desire for change that you have been trying to keep dormant for such a long time has exploded, giving your awakening process a momentum. The idea that your life is your own responsibility starts to come out. You do everything to take it back into your own hands.

You realize that your own happiness is not dependent on people or any external circumstances. Your intention to get your power back, activates your energy, your chakras, and your soul. Awakening has begun the moment you open your eyes.


Stage 3: Epiphany

This phase is an emotional roller coaster ride. Life is not the same anymore. All the colors shine a bit brighter, all the smells are stronger. You start to experience ecstatic emotions like bliss, euphoria, and freedom. But despite all this, pain is still present.

The emotions surrounding your past confront you. You begin to ask how you have chosen to live your life. You start to question and challenge everything.

Stage 4: Push and Pull

There is an onset of a tug of war. You are in a dilemma between closing your eyes and opening it. Fear slowly creeps within you. All because you’re not prepared for the consequences should you move forward to the path of awakening. The leap into the unknown is far too scary when coupled with the crumbling of things all around you. Everything starts to be meaningless: your life, your beliefs. You seem to get stuck and bewildered.

You begin to notice that you are walking on shaky grounds that may explode anytime. This is a critical moment because those who continue along this path transform, those who don’t go back to sleep.

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