10 Things Manipulative Men Always Do In Relationships

Ladies, do you agree?

The amount of manipulation that goes on in a relationship directly correlates to the level of toxicity between two people. There’s just no denying that at all. When you’re in a happy and healthy relationship with someone, you should always expect to trust and respect one another as individuals. No one should ever have to endure manipulative behavior from a person they’re supposedly in a loving relationship with. If your partner were truly in love with you in the way that you would want hem to be, then they would never deliberately do anything that would harm you in such a deceiving and abusive manner. They wouldn’t use you like some mere tool or instrument to just get what they want.

You should never have to tolerate that kind of treatment in a relationship. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in that position, then you would know that your manipulative partner is a master at hiding their true intentions and motivations to absolve them of their guilt in your eyes. They will make it seem like their behavior is perfectly innocent and that you’re just paying witness to a perfectly normal and functional relationship.


And that’s why it can get particularly difficult to just end things with a manipulative partner. It’s because you never know you’re being victimized unless you have heightened senses of self-awareness or if other people are actually kind enough to point it out to you. In most cases, victims of a manipulative relationship are often blind to the sad realities of their situation and that’s what makes the manipulators so effective at what they do.

You can have the most genuine heart in the world but that doesn’t mean that people are always going to treat you fairly. Just because you are an inherently kind and loving individual, you can’t just assume that people are going to act the same way towards you. You are going to be just as open to manipulation and abuse even if you are kind. In fact, you might be a favorite target for these manipulative people. Your kindness can often be seen as weakness and manipulative people would love to prey on you because of it.

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