This Is How You Find Happiness After Losing The Love Of Your Life

From being someone you’re deathly in love with to being someone you just used to know. It happens. Relationships aren’t always a sure thing; and it can be really difficult when you have to break one apart. You go through life wanting to find love for yourself; you are taught that you need to open [...]

8 Red Flags That Your Marriage Isn’t Going To Last

It’s true; to more and more people, the idea of marriage is becoming more and more unpopular. But there’s still no denying that there is a bunch of people out there who still believe in the idea of marriage and lifelong relationships. There are still those of us who date to meet people we can [...]

8 Traits That You Are Bound To Find In A Great Boyfriend

1. Integrity You always want to make sure that you are in a relationship with a guy who is strong in his convictions and who stays true to his principles. When you stand for nothing, you are bound to fall for anything, as they say. So when you know that you guy is a man [...]

6 Sure Signs You And Your Partner Are Bound To Get Married

Are you bound for a life of marriage with someone? Or are you just riding a relationship with an expiry date? When you’re dating someone, you always want to make sure that you are with a person who you have a legitimate shot at having a future with. But that isn’t always going to be [...]

5 Possible Reasons A Guy Can Suddenly Go Cold On You

This might be something that has already happened to you in the past; you meet a guy that you really like and things start off great between the two of you. You go on a few dates and there’s a genuine connection there. You know that there’s something real that you can really build on. [...]

4 Steps To Rebuilding Your Relationship After You’ve Been Betrayed

Studies have already shown the infidelity is the leading cause for separation or divorce in many countries that span the whole world. And of course, this shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise. It’s no secret that any kind of relationship that exists should always be built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. And whenever [...]

5 Signs You Need To Walk Away From Your Dysfunctional Relationship

There are loads of dysfunctional relationships everywhere in this world. And it would be foolish to think that love would be enough to make up for the many problems that come with being in a dysfunctional relationship. You can fall in love with someone and put so much effort into your relationship and still fall [...]

9 Signs You’re Married To Someone Who Just Doesn’t Respect You

If you are a lover of love, then it’s likely that you really dream of having a relationship with someone who makes you feel happy and fulfilled. You long for spending the rest of your life with the person who is always going to bring a lot of joy and brightness to your days; and [...]